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Dog Friends - Auckland Region & Rodney, April 2014

•  URGENT message for RODNEY dog owners - please read carefully:

Your Local Board decided at a recent meeting to stick with the status quo on beach rules! This means that the summer hours will NOT change by NEXT summer!!! We are requesting that the Board "implement the summer time and season rule in the new Auckland Dog Policy - 10 am to 5 pm from Labour Weekend to 1st March" as was done by Hibiscus & Bays Board last year.

We will speak at the very beginning of the Rodney Local Board meeting NEXT Monday 14 APRIL at 1 pm, at the Council Chamber, Orewa Service Centre, 50 Centreway Road, Orewa BUT ....

(a) our voice will mean nothing unless we receive HUGE support from Rodney dog owners. PLEASE let us know if you can come along to listen – we need a LOT of people there.

(b) Please SHARE this message widely with all your dog owning friends including those who live outside Rodney but visit Rodney beaches.

(c) Please email the Local Board members and protest loudly
CLICK HERE to get their email addresses

Some of the Local Board members will try to make this matter complicated but it is NOT. They do not need to do a full review of dog access rules at this time, merely "IMPLEMENT" the region wide rule that was passed by Council in Nov 2012. Hibiscus & Bays did this in time for summer 2013/2014 with little effort.


Dog owners using these beaches have been thrilled with the new shorter summer beach restrictions, 10 am to 5 pm, Labour Weekend to 1 st March. We would love to hear feedback from you to DOGFRIENDS@XTRA.CO.NZ or DOGFRIENDS@PL.NET


We hope to have good news for users of these beaches soon.


We hope that other Local Boards will have the new times in place for next summer. If you have heard nothing from your Local Board send emails and ASK what they are doing. They need to be acting now!! Please let us know news from your area.

Please forward this newsletter to your dog owning friends and encourage them to join our newsletter list and ‘like' us on Facebook.

Thank you.

Dog Friends - Auckland Region & Rodney
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