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1. Dogs on beaches – prohibited period ends soon


(a) For beaches in Rodney and the Hibiscus Coast dogs will be allowed off leash 24/7 from the third Sunday in March, ie 20 March 2011 until Saturday 1 October.

(b) For beaches on the North Shore dogs will be allowed off leash from the first Sunday in April, ie 3 April until Saturday 24 September 2011.

Rodney, Hibiscus & Bays Dog Friends will be working hard to ensure that, when the new Auckland Council dog policy is introduced, the existing Rodney and Hibiscus Coast dates above apply to ALL Auckland beaches but we urgently need your help.

Please forward this email to your dog owning friends throughout the Auckland region and encourage them to join us by going to: to complete their details. When they receive our confirmation email, all they need to do to complete the sign up process, is to click on the link in the email to confirm that they want to join us.

2. Auckland Council Dog Policy

A proposed draft policy and bylaw on dogs is intended to be publicly notified late this year by Auckland Council. We already have over 2,000 members but we want to greatly increase that number so that we can ensure that we have huge support for two requests:

(a) The prohibited period for dogs on popular beaches during the summer to be from 10 am until 6 pm

(b) The prohibited period to last from 01 November to last day of February.

3. Update on Hef

Those of you who have been with us for a while will remember Hef whose sad story we featured in a newsletter last year.

Hef is now a new dog (see photo) and is thrilled to bits with himself! He has had extensive dental work completed, been neutered and his dreadful twisted leg has been removed. He now moves around with ease and enjoys every minute of his life at the shelter. He is a wiley old fox, with a mischievous glint in his eye and a favourite of all who meet him.

Hef and everyone involved with the Animal Shelter Charitable Trust (Keira Shelter) would like to thank the kind folk from Rodney Dog Friends who sent donations towards his medical bills. His ‘rebuild’ would not have been possible without your help and each time we see him smile we are reminded of the generosity of strangers.

4. Selected Dog Owner status/Dog Owner Licence

This is offered to dog owners whose properties and dog care/control practices comply with the Council’s good dog owner criteria. These include quality of fencing, housing, feeding, exercise and control and payment of registration fees by due date. If you feel you may qualify phone toll free 09 301 0101 and request an application and booklet. (If you have already qualified you don’t need to reapply.)

Note: Applications must be received by 1 May to allow for processing prior to the upcoming registration year.

Finally, PLEASE remember to forward this newsletter to as many dog owners as you can ....... our strength is in our numbers and we will need every one of you later in the year!

Bye for now!
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