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1. Dog Policy – very important news

Rodney, Hibiscus Coast & East Coast Bays covers an enormous area in the new Super City. Most dog owners in these areas will be aware that there are only very small differences between the dog policies of the old Rodney District & North Shore Councils and we are hopeful that these small differences can be easily eliminated. Gaye Harding has already put in a request to the Council to make a couple of small changes so that the total area covered by the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board is covered by the same dog policy! Hopefully the remainder of Albany, North Shore and Rodney can also be included.


PLEASE Email Len Brown ASAP

and ask for the following small changes to be made urgently to bring Rodney, North Shore and Hibiscus dog policies in line:

1. The prohibited times for dogs on popular beaches in the summer be set across the board to match the current North Shore Dog Policy, ie 10 am to 6.30 pm

2. The prohibited dates for dogs on beaches be set across the board to match the current Rodney Dog Policy (but changing the signs to dates):

eg: from 9 am on 15 October to 7 pm on 14 March each year

We will be keeping in touch with Gaye, Penny Webster and others and will keep you informed of progress.

2. The strength of our group is in our numbers.

As our group now covers a much larger area we would love to get lots more dog owners to join the thousands already with us. Please forward this newsletter widely to friends in Rodney, Hibiscus Coast and the North Shore and encourage them to join us so that we can keep them informed. All they need to do is:

1. Go to Rodney, Hibiscus & Bays Dog Friends Website and complete their details.
2. When they receive our confirmation email, all they need to do to complete the sign up process, is to click on the link in the email to confirm that they want to join us.

3. Okoromai/Army Bay fight – hopefully nearly there!

Thanks to all of you who sent submissions earlier this year. The Regional Parks Management Plan has been adopted by the Council and the only thing now is for us to push to have policy implemented:

“Seek to amend the dog control policies and bylaws to permit dogs in the area between Army Bay and Okoromai Bay at all times.”

We can see no reason why this cannot be done quickly now and we urge members to send a separate email to Len Brown at Council (link in 1 above) to request this.

4. Feedback

As our newsletters are now sent out for us it is no longer possible for you to write to us by hitting “Reply” after receiving a newsletter. If you wish to contact us please write to: or dogfriends@PL.NET

Thanks for your continuing support. Please forward this to your dog owning friends. Bye for now! Rodney, Hibiscus & Bays Dog Friends

Bye for now!
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