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1. New Auckland Council Dog Policy

As mentioned in our previous newsletter a proposed draft policy and bylaw on dogs is expected to be released by Auckland Council in October. We already have close to 3,000 members but we want to greatly increase that number so that we can ensure that we have huge support for two main requests:

  • The prohibited period for dogs on beaches during the summer to be from 10 am until 6 pm
  • The prohibited period to last from 1 November to the last day of February

We have been working hard for dog owners in the new Auckland Region as well as our friends in Rodney and have been giving input on your behalf with regard to the general terms of the new policy. It is very important though that you get to know the members of your Local Board as they will be having input with regard to dog access to specific parks and other locations in your local area.

We hope to be able to give you some more information very soon but in the meantime we urgently need your help. Please forward this email to your dog owning friends throughout the Auckland region and encourage them to join us by going to to complete their details. When they receive our confirmation email all they need to do to complete the sign up process is to click on the link in the email to confirm that they want to join us.

2. Pet Angels Wanted

Pet Angels North Shore needs dedicated and passionate house sitters, pet feeders, dog walkers and dog home boarders (caring for dog in your own home) from the Harbour Bridge to Wellsford. This is casual employment that fits around your life. If you are interested please apply online only at

3. IMPORTANT notice for dog owners regarding Shakespear Regional Park, Okoromai Bay, Army Bay and the wetland in between.

Shakespear Regional Park (east of the pest proof fence) will be closed to public entry between 1 July 2011 and approximately 16 Dec 2011 for purpose of undertaking pest eradication by the aerial broadcast of brodifacoum pellets. The poison baits will be applied to land east of the pest proof fence only (this fence is east of the current dog access line).

Parkland west of the pest proof fence (Okoromai Bay, Army Bay and wetland) will remain open, with the exception of flying days (3 applications each taking 1-2 days). Bait application is weather dependent, thus difficult to schedule. Staff will be posted at entry points to advise visitors of closure.

Although unlikely, poisoned animals from the open sanctuary may venture beyond the fence and will be collected as soon as possible. This poison has been used (in bait stations) on the park, including the Okoromai wetlands, for many years without incident. Bait station use will continue to manage a pest buffer for the Open Sanctuary. If concerned that your dog has scavenged a bait-affected animal, contact your local vet who will administer treatment if required. Effective control of dogs is the best safeguard. Warning signs will be posted at all entry points.

For further information regarding the Shakespear Open Sanctuary project visit

For up to date information on park closure status contact the Auckland Council on 09 301 0101, or for further information or to register your email address with us if you wish to be notified directly of the bait application days, email Auckland Council.

Finally, PLEASE remember to forward this newsletter to as many dog owners as you can ....... our strength is in our numbers and we will need every one of you later in the year!

Bye for now!
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